• Rainbow Hawaiian Shaved Ice

    Rainbow Hawaiian shaved ice
  • Three Flavor Hawaiian Shaved Ice

    Three Flavor Hawaiian shaved ice
  • Hawaiian Shaved Ice

    Hawaiian shaved ice
  • Party at berry cup

    Snow Cone Birthday Party
  • Strawberry Flavor Hawaiian ice

    Strawberry Flavor Hawaiian ice

    Strawberry Flavor Hawaiian Ice
  • Snow Cream

    Snow Cream

    Snow Cream (All Natural)-No Artificial Color
  • Pokemon at Berry cup

    Pokemon at Berry cup

    Catch a Pokemon inside the store get 10% off.
  • Online Only

    Online Only

    order online and pick up in the store-online order only
  • Snow Cone Party

    Snow Cone Party

    Make your own snow cone at the party
  • Doggies Treat

    Doggies Treat

    Free Frosty Paws for your Dog

Shaved Snow


Shaved Ice




Multiple Flavors for your Delight
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The making of Hawaii Shaved Ice